The Human Concerns Committee of St Rose/St Mary parishes is involved with many aspects of building relationships both within and outside of our parishes.  One of our programs is the Hardship Fund.  It is our purpose to assist individuals, families and community members who have experienced very difficult or demanding events in their lives.  As a faith community we want to help in some way.  Both of our parishes have collections throughout the year to sustain this fund.  Anyone who is interested in making a personal donation at any time may do so.
In order to have some consistency and accountability our committee has developed the following guidelines to ensure a positive outcome for all involved.

Hardship Fund Guidelines 
The purpose of the Hardship Fund is to touch people’s lives with a caring spirit embodied by the community of  St. Rose/St Mary.
  • Financial need is not a criteria, but the true need is considered.
  • Parish membership is not a criteria.   Reaching out to an un-churched person may be a way of evangelization.  Reaching out to a member of another denomination may promote an ecumenical spirit.
  • The Hardship Fund should not duplicate programs available through other resources such as the Salvation Army.
  • The Hardship Fund budget account will be available to the Human Concerns committee on a monthly basis.  Scrip cards will be requested from the parish bookkeeper after discussion at the Human Concerns meeting of potential recipients of this outreach.  The Hardship Fund representative will submit a written request for Scrip to the parish bookkeeper.  The request will include the names of the recipients but this information will be kept confidential .  Any funds distributed directly from the parish offices will also be noted in the ledger.  The parish director is the only staff authorized to approve funds distributed by the parish office. A ledger will be kept of expenditures by both the committee and the parish bookkeeper.  Any returned Scrip cards should be identified in the ledger as such.
  • The use of Scrip gift cards will benefit both the recipient and the parish.
  • Expenditures should be as consistent as possible, and not extravagant when the fund has a lot of money that has to be used or limited when the fund is low.  It is possible that the recipient could receive additional help as needed in the future.
  • The purpose of the fund should be explained in the bulletin at a minimum of four times yearly.  This explanation should also be included in the parish website.  This could identify more potential recipients.  The parish liaison to the Clintonville Area Ecumenical Council could also be a source of potential recipients through their involvement with that organization.  The PCCW and school staff could also be a source of potential recipients.
  • Confidentiality issues can limit how the fund can be utilized.  While some people might feel their privacy is invaded, the gift cards could be accompanied by a card that states  ..we hope you will accept…    As we know we’ve had people return gift cards expressing their appreciation  and suggesting they be offered to those more in need.
Any parishioner can refer an individual or family who may be eligible to be a possible recipient from the Hardship Fund.  For more information, please call the church office - (715) 201-9913.  Ask for Lincoln Wood with your concerns.

Collections for the Hardship Fund are on Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Thanksgiving.





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